Money is a Language

Money is many things. One of those things is a language. It’s a language we use to tell other people what matters to us and to learn from others what matters to them.

The Money Medicine Tarot is a poetic tarot because words direct our attention to this way of thinking about money. What are we saying through the things we do with money? Who hears and understands those things? What stories do we have about money and how do we tell truer, more beautiful, more effective stories?

Some money lies. There are things we spend money on that aren’t that important to us, and there are things we don’t spend money on that matter very much to us. The same is true of our time, our effort, our attention and our care.

The foundation of financial wisdom is knowing what matters to you and to others. The wise person uses money more and more honestly over time, and ends up in a world with more of what matters to them in it.

Thinking of money as a language opens a path to this world. Instead of thinking about good deals or how to get things for free — we can ask how honestly our spending matches our love of what we are receiving. And we can begin to ask how we can contribute to the flourishing of what we love even beyond the money we spend.


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